Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday: repurposed jeans

I love a denim bib.  It doesn't wear out, it's soft, it's cute and so hip!  It's non-gender specific so it can get passed down to the next sibling or cousin . . .

If you don't save jeans for sewing projects, you can find little denim pockets at your local resale shop or garage sale on children's clothing or most men's jeans have a perfect little (change) pocket.  

I have an old kingsize denim dust ruffle that I almost got rid of several years ago.   I'm so glad I kept it, I've used it over and over again.  A seamstress should always have a supply of denim on hand, especially if you have teens.  You can save a ton of money repairing jeans.   

Suzanne from "Notes from the Patch" has a great tutorial for repurposing denim for bibs.  I love her idea of ragging the edges of the bib.  I'll try that some day.  I down-sized her pdf pattern (thank you Suzanne!) to fit a baby.  The neck line on Suzanne's pattern worked out perfectly.

I used heat 'n' bond to secure the pocket before sewing, but I don't think it's necessary.  Be sure to cut out the backside of the pocket to minimize bulk, as shown in Suzanne's post.   

 I used flannel for the back.

Sew the 2 pieces, right sides together,  leaving a 2 inch hole.  Cut notches around the curves to minimize bulk,  turn right side out and top stitch around the edge.  I found that while stitching around those tight curves, I had to pivot the fabric ever so slightly after each stitch.  It was a little slow, but the curves came out nice, especially on the top stitching.

hint:  If you sew the pocket on after sewing both front and back together as apposed to sewing the pocket onto the front of our bib before sewing front and back together,  your bib will have more stability.

These bibs will get lots of wear so I reinforced the ends, and used a large snap instead of velcro, which (I've been informed from a current Mom) toddlers will just pull off.


denim quilt


  1. What a fantastic idea. they look great.

  2. Too cute! We are going to have another little one in September and I will definitely be making some of these!


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